Price list


    • The assessment is free to ensure the suitability of treatment, that there are no medical conditions requiring special attention, and to provide an understanding of treatment options without any pressure being exerted. At the assessment visit a medical questionnaire is completed to ensure treatment will be safe. There is also a discussion of the reasons for the desire for treatment and of the expected outcomes. Photographs may be taken as part of the treatment planning and for record keeping.

Fee guidelines


    • 1 area £150, 2 areas £220, 3 areas £300. There is no review or top-up fee so the cost of treatment is clear. There is a supplementary £50 charge for male patients due to the extra botox needed.


    • The fee for fillers is dependent on the type of filler used and the amount used. Prices start from £189. Typical prices: nose-to-mouth lines from £250, lips from £350, cheekbones from £450, Radiesse from £350, vectoring from £500, mesotherapy £200 for single treatment, £600 for course of 5 treatments (to last 1 year)


  • Easy TCA single peel £130, series of 4 peels £450 (creams not included). There is a range of Skin Tech skin care creams that complement the Easy TCA peel and these can be seen via the link below. Easy TCA peel

Combination therapies

For many people there isn’t a single treatment that will on its own provide benefits for all areas of the face. At the assessment a complete analysis of the face will be provided and discussed and there may be a range of treatment options available. Where more than one treatment is provided there would be a discount of the full cost of the fees and this would be clarified at the discussion of the treatment stage.

Where a course of treatment is recommended, there is a discount available, for example mesotherapy with Teosyal Meso. A single treatment costs £200 but a course of 5 treatments, normally two in the first month and three monthly after that (providing a year of therapy) is £600, a discount of £400.
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