LM - forehead before and after

LM: I don’t like needles but the botox injections didn’t hurt at all!

cheekbones 12

GG: I’m very happy with my new cheekbones!

KE - Before and after - Copy

KE: Forehead scar looks much better after the filler.

Front 1

EG: The wrinkles around my mouth bothered me, but they are a lot better after the treatment!

For upload2

KA: The work on my cheeks is very subtle. People say I look fresher and healthier – nobody knows what has been done.

HC:The peel left my skin feeling softer and smoother.

OL: I didn’t like the way my botox was done at (another) clinic but am very happy with the way my forehead looks now.

RMcC: When I had my first botox I was nervous of the injections but I hardly felt a thing and have been back for more since. I really like the results.”

GT: I have had botox and filler treatments with Dr Gordon and have been very pleased with his treatment.