Skin peels

Skin peels improve the appearance by rejuvenating the surface of the skin and providing nutrients and antioxidants directly to where they are needed.

There are four depths of peel which use different peeling ingredients – very superficial: which are in many beauty products and go back to Cleopatra bathing in assess milk; superficial: also in beauty products and known as AHAs or BHAs; medium: using products such as glycolic acid or TCA which should be applied professionally; and deep: such as phenol which can only be done in a hospital surrounding. All of these products remove a controlled amount of the skin which is replaced by new skin, and repeating this creates fresh ‘building blocks’ which improve the appearance.

Peels are not designed to remove wrinkles (except for deep peels) although fine lines can be reduced and when combined with good skin care and a healthy level of hydration the skin appears more plumped and smooth. To maintain the effect regular peels are necessary, the frequency depending on how deep the peel is.

I have always used Easy TCA - click to read more about Easy TCA, a superficial depth peel which creates a medium depth peel effect when carried out as a course of four treatments. Easy TCA uses a carrying agent so that the peeling agent gets to the depth that it is required and also a neutralising cream which stops the peel acting and immediately provided the nutrients that the skin requires. A great advantage that this system has is that anti-inflammatory agents are present in the neutralising cream to minimise the reddening that is a problem with regular medium depth peels.

Each treatment takes about 30 minutes. The skin is cleaned first before the peeling agent is applied with cotton buds. No anaesthetic is required and a prickly, hot sensation is normal, but fans make this more comfortable. After 3-4 minutes the neutralising cream is placed which immediately cools the skin and you can continue your day with a few necessary precautions (avoiding washing the face for the day, saunas, and other facials for example). Skin Tech, the makers of Easy TCA, also provide a range of creams that optimise the rejuvenation and are tailored to different skin types such as aging skin, skin affected by smoking and skin affected by acne. One cream that is obligatory is a complete sun block for at least 6 weeks to prevent the new skin from suffering sun damage.